Air Abrasion


What Is This All About?

Decay can now be detected using Laser diagnosis. A laser beam is shone into the tooth surface, causing the decay to glow. To date, this is the most reliable way to detect early decay in the chewing surfaces of teeth.

The decay is then painted with dye which stains it bright red. In conjunction with magnification lenses and an intra-oral video camera (with magnification up to 40 times), this dye has very high accuracy in diagnosing decay at very early stages, long before traditional detection using X-rays and Mirror and Probe examination. Only 25% of decay present in the grooves of the chewing surfaces of back teeth is detected with the conventional mirror and probe examination.

Using a state of the art, computer controlled stream of air and powder, this decay can now be removed without the use of the dental drill. Because of the way the particle stream abrades the tooth and decay; most people can be treated without the use of local anesthetic.

This system is best suited to cavities in their early stages, especially in children before decay has severely damaged the tooth. Quiet, delicate, comfortable and faster. The tiny particle stream is very fine, meaning the dentist has to use magnification to be able to prepare very small cavities. This also prevents the unnecessary removal of sound tooth structure, keeping the tooth stronger and less likely to break, which is a problem of using the dental drill.

Is Micro-Dentistry For Everyone?

You will feel very comfortable because the air abrasion device does not produce the heat, smell, friction, vibration or noise generated by a conventional drill.

Once the decay has been removed, the tooth is restored with a tooth-coloured material that is bonded to the tooth using an extremely rapid light curing system to produce a very strong, nearly invisible restoration.

As a group of dental professionals we are very excited about the advantages of Micro-Dentistry, but the most exciting benefits are yours, as a patient:

  • Earlier, easier and safer diagnosis of decay with near 100% accuracy.
  • By being able to intervene in the decay process in its earlier stages, far less tooth is lost to decay, and less sound tooth structure is damaged when repairing the tooth.
  • More often than not, no injections are required. No numbness, no fat lip.
  • Faster and quieter technology.
  • Highly pleasing, lasting aesthetic fillings using nearly invisible composite (white) materials.
  • Better long-term oral health. More of your natural tooth structure is maintained using air-abrasion technology than with a traditional drill. This means as you get older, you will be less likely to suffer the fracturing of teeth, as seen in people who have allowed large cavities to develop.
  • At no more cost than tooth-coloured restorations placed using a drill.

We think you will agree the new tools and methodology available to treat you, both quickly and with minimal invasion of the teeth, makes eminent sense.