Biolase Laser



Biolase Water Laser

The Biolase water laser is a medical strength laser used for all aspects of dental surgery. It is a laser that utilises water to perform cutting procedures. Laser energy is passed through a mist of water spray. As the water particles are energised by the laser they shoot forward and hit the target tissue. Since the majority of mouth tissue cells are made up of water they make a perfect target. The water particles hit the cells and evaporate the cells water contents and the cells collapse. Sounds very gentle eh? It is! Consider the alternative. Picture in your mind what a scalpel blade or a drill will do to the same cells- ouch!

What Can This Wonderful Tool Be Used For?

“It can be used in every aspect of dentistry”, says Dr Durning. We can now do fillings very gently. There is no vibration or heat caused in the tooth preparing it for a filling. This is a major advantage over the drill. When a drill hits a tooth it causes fracture lines on entry point through the enamel. Over time these fracture lines propagate (like cracks in your windshield) and cause the tooth or fillings to break…sound familiar? Also the high-speed drill causes heat. This coupled with the vibration causes a lot of the pain you feel when going to the dentist. The laser has none of this! That is why a lot of filling’s can now be prepared without the need for the dreaded injection.

So It Can Only Be Used On My Teeth?

No! All soft tissues (gums & lips) procedures can be carried out too. The greatest advantage being the healing time after the procedures. A lot of the time there is no pain or even trace of trauma after surgical procedures. A good example is gum re-contouring. This is carried out for the cosmetic enhancement of your smile (smile lift) or to create more room for a filling or crown. Traditionally a scalpel blade and stitches are used. You have the stitches in for 1 week and have to allow for complete healing in about 3-6 weeks. In contrast the laser gives you no stitches and in a lot of cases healing is on the day! Cold sores and ulcers can now be ‘lasered’ closed. This has immediate relief and gives a faster healing time. It has been shown that the cold sore will never appear in that same site that has been lasered.

“The new millennium is here and with it new technology is gripping dentistry. No more is dentistry looked on as archaic. The days of drilling and filling are numbered. Lasers have and will continue to revolutionise the way we treat our precious patients.” Quote – Dr Adam Durning – Laser Symposium, Newport Beach, CA, USA 2004.

We can now offer treatment that is comfortable, predicable and affordable to them and in the same stroke we can have fun.