The Dentists Use The LaserBrite Tooth Whitening System


The LaserBrite in-surgery teeth whitening system consists of a gentle Hydrogen Peroxide based whitening gel and a special Xeon-Halogen light source. This delivers an optimal light source for acceleration of the photo chemical reaction of Hydrogen Peroxide which is the main activator in teeth whitening. A special liquid filled light guide, transmits all the light energy, eliminating all of the heat, making the whitening experience a cool and comfortable procedure.


With the LaserBrite in-surgery system, teeth whitening can occur in less than one hour.


The active ingredient in the LaserBrite treatment is Hydrogen Peroxide, which has been safely used in teeth whitening for hundreds of years. Hydrogen Peroxide is recognised as a common and effective ingredient by the dental community. It has also been tested and found safe by university researchers. The LaserBrite treatment has no adverse effect on existing restorations (fillings), and does not soften the enamel tooth structure.

LaserBrite in-surgery teeth whitening is only performed by our qualified dental staff, which further ensures your safety.

Will It Hurt?

The process is normally painless. A very small percentage of people may experience a minor tingle following the procedure. Applying a fluoride gel almost always resolves the sensation. For people who have extreme sensitive teeth a 2 week course of tooth moose maybe required before the whitening treatment to ensure absolute comfort.

Unlike some other systems, the LaserBrite whitening system uses a Xeon-Halogen light source with a special liquid light delivery system. This allows the optimum band width of light to be transferred to the tooth surface in order to create a photochemical reaction with the Hydrogen Peroxide. One of the unique features of LaserBrite is that little or no heat is transferred, thus ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.


The special Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel (Power Gel) is applied to the teeth by one of our qualified dental staff members. Only two or three, eight-minute applications are required and the entire procedure is complete in less than an hour. Wearing cumbersome overnight whitening mouth trays has become a thing of the past.